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Men’s Ministry– Bro. Kenneth Alford, President

Men are constantly being bombarded with concepts and ideas of what it means to be a “Real” man. Most of these ideas, perpetuated by a secular world-view, are erroneous and have led to the dysfunction and in some cases the total destruction of our families. This has placed manhood in an Identity Crisis that only the Word of God can correct and properly define.  The mission of the Men’s Ministry is to teach men how to reclaim God’s purpose for authentic manhood. To grow in unity together as brethren, uplifting one another, praying one for another, teaching one another. Assisting our Pastor in whatever area we can, and working around the house of God. While building our men’s ministry at Better Way we will go out to support and fellowship with other men’s ministries.

1st Sons – Deacon Darrel Worthem, President

First Sons is a group of positive young men who according to Exodus 13:2 are redeemed unto the Lord.  Our motto is “Set the example” of the love of Jesus Christ. We inspire young men to be leaders in their communities and churches by growing the total and complete man spiritually, physically, and mentally.  First Sons will develop confident boys in the faith while stressing respect and honesty to the authority of our parents and society.  We encourage maturing young men to trust God in everyday life situations.  Promoting change from the young men of today, into strong and powerful men of the future.

Women of Better Way– Evang. Shirley Durham, President

The Better Way Apostolic Women of Purpose Ministry is committed to providing training for the women of the church.  We realize that in this 21st century churches are weak because families are weak.  Fathers and mothers have not been prepared for their leadership roles and responsibilities in the family.  Our mission is to: Train women to be Godly examples (1 Peter 3:6); Maintain Doctrinal Purity in the Church (Titus 2:1, 4); Provide Qualified Women in the Ministry (1 Timothy 5:3); Motivate Women to Look to the Church and not the world (1 Timothy 5:15) and become the Leading Lady God has called them to be (1 Peter 3:1).

Victorians– Sis. Griffin, President

The Victorians is an outreach ministry of the Women of Purpose of Better Way Apostolic Church.  The mission of the Victorians is to promote the social, intellectual and spiritual growth of young ladies (ages 8-18), through programs, activities, and projects designed to celebrate Godly Womanhood.  As a part of the Women of Purpose Ministry, Victorian members have the opportunity to witness first hand, examples of Godly Womanhood.  The ministers and deacons wives, church mothers and women of Better Way Apostolic Church serve as mentors.  Joint programs and activities designed to create mutual interaction between the groups help to build bonds of trust and opportunities to share wisdom and experience.   (Proverbs 22:6)

Married Couples Ministry– Deacon Darrel & April Worthem

Our mission is to reverence marriage as ordained of God by highlighting the value and importance of marriage and the family. We seek to follow the light of Christ in teaching spiritually based principles that support and strengthen marriage relationships, and in providing educational teaching to inspire, encourage, and equip those who are married and those who are preparing for marriage, to enter into a binding covenant with each other-with God at the very center of that agreement.  Our monthly marriage tune-up class in Sunday school and quarterly fellowships have helped us to be better communicators and sharpen our skills in marriage to examples of God’s wonder-working power to make two become one with His help and grace.  “Be imitators of God as dearly beloved children and to live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.” Ephesians 5:1-2

Singles Ministry– Evang. Freda McKelvey, President

Better Way Apostolic Singles Ministry is committed to helping single individuals fulfill Christ’s purpose for their lives (1 Corinthians 7:32) as they seek God for all things (Matthew 6:33).  It is our mission to support singles as they strive to be content in whatsoever state they are in (Philippians 4:11) while waiting with patience (Romans 8:25) for that perfect (James 1:17) Holy Ghost filled help meet (Genesis 2:20).

Christian Education and Outreach – Evang. S. Durham

As the members of the body of Jesus Christ, we believe that we must “Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man,” (Ecclesiastes 12:13). Through Christian Education, and Outreach we teach the unadulterated gospel of our Lord, God, and Savior, Jesus Christ to win souls for HIS Kingdom. The Bible tells us in (John 8:32) “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” and (2 Corinthians 13:8) “For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.” We will in truth, let our light so shine that others may see our good works and glorify the Father which is in heaven.  (Matthew 5:16)

Youth Department– Bro. Chris and Calintha Isaac, President

The mission of the Youth Department is to equip young people to carry on the torch that has been passed down to us by those who labored in truth.  Better Way Apostolic Church is committed to training the next generation youth workers, for the next generation churches worldwide, in order to reach the next generation of young people.  No matter how new the generation, the old truths are still essential.  BWAC seeks to provide youth leadership so that the next generation will not only hear and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ but will become diligent disciples, sharing their faith and making an impact on the world in which they live.

Pastor’s Aide– Sis. Aretha Alford

The Pastor’s Aide Committee aims to work for a unified entity and harmony between the Pastor, his family, the church body, and the community.  To lift the pastor up in prayer, show sympathy, let him know we realize the burden he carries and lightens it as much as possible.  Praise his sermons and his acts of care for the membership.  How he humbles himself in serving God and denies himself and gives preference to others.  Support the pastor, and by teaching others to refrain from gossiping and not criticize the minister.

Martha Ministry (Culinary) – Mother Joyce Williams, President

The Martha Ministry mission is to be servants to God and his people by providing service and care during special church occasions.  United in our tireless devotion to God’s Word as found in the scriptures, we are empowered by the Holy Spirit, and as motivated by the example of the life of Jesus Christ.

Ushers –Sis. Janice Mann, President

Ushering is an opportunity to serve God by serving His people, and is a marvelous way to actively and faithfully participate in the functioning of the Better Way Apostolic Church.  Ushers see to it that the services flow smoothly and orderly, thus heightening the mood to receive God’s Word.  Ushering provides a wonderful way to begin to grow and to continue to serve in a very important role for the church.  The role of the usher frequently is underestimated for its importance.  Good ushers are “people-persons” who make individuals coming into the church feel welcome and appreciated.  In doing so, ushers contribute greatly to making everyone’s church experience a positive one.

Youth Choir– Sis. Priscilla Griffin, President

The calling of The Choir is to use our musical gifts to tell about God’s abundant love.  We believe that we are each uniquely gifted by God to do the work of Music Ministry.  We acknowledge that our gifts come from God and that our joy in music also comes from God.  As recipients of God’s grace, we seek to serve as ministers of God’s grace.  We are called to give sacrificially to the ministry of Better Way Apostolic Church.  We serve out of a sense of gratitude to God for what He has done.

Media Ministry– Bro. Nester Kadjo, President

And the gospel must be published among all nations (Mark 13:10)

The mission of the Media Ministry is to record with quality, the unadulterated truth here at Better Way Apostolic Church and spread it to all nations via CD’s, internet, DVD’s television and all future means of media with the help of God, in Jesus’ name.

Social Media Ministry – Sis. P. Durham, and Sis. C. Mann, President

The mission of the Social Media Ministry is to assist with spreading the unadulterated truth here at Better Way Apostolic Church and to all nations via social media platforms such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and all future means of social media with the help of God, in Jesus’ name.


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